2018- 19 RTO District 9 President

2018 - 2019 RTO-ERO District 9 President:  Jane MacKenzie

Welcome to our newest members of RTO/ERO District 9, Huron Perth. Greetings to our members, and special acknowledgement to members who took advantage of our generous free buffet lunch by attending T' 'ell with the Bell on September 4th, 2018. We would like to repeat this offer another year to recognize and appreciate your participation and interest in our professional organization,now embracing all members of the educational community.
We celebrate you!
We are growing in membership and changing our vision of what we have to offer you as a professional organization serving the local community and larger provincial and national population of seniors. The provincial “Our Vibrant Voices: Awesome Years Advocacy” campaign is staged to address issues relevant to our elder members. More than an insurance benefits provider, RTO/ERO has entered into the realm of advocacy for seniors. We are partnering with other provincial and national not-for-profit agencies interested in meeting the needs of all retirees as their trusted voice for care and change. We have stepped into this political and socio-economic arena in a big way to advocate for and support our aging citizens. Now fully recognized as a not-for-profit organization, we have amended our by-laws and policies to align with the governance principles guiding not-for-profit corporations. Therefore, our district will be engaging in a process this year to align its constitution with governance models. We have already struck a committee chaired by our new Vice-President, Gary Jewitt, to address this task. The final document will meet the approval of the Provincial Governance Committee which reports to the provincial Board of Directors.
I am pleased to report that our provincial liaison, Gayle Manley, is excited to join us in the spring to share relevant information from the Board of Directors, as well as to offer a presentation on elder abuse called “It's Not Right”. We are looking forward to her input and sensitive handling of this important topic.
At the Presidents’ Meeting in Toronto, Gary and I were impressed with the presentation of Stephen Wong, Director of Health Benefits, who is engaged in redefining our recruitment and Retirement Planning Workshops to be
more effective at the district level. First year free memberships are a true enticement to join RTO/ERO!

We wish to welcome our new members to the Executive and Executive Board of District 9 and applaud their participation and commitment. Gary Jewitt, our Vice-President with experience from past years of service, brings an enthusiastic outlook to our Executive. On the Board we are pleased to introduce Kim Ryckman, newly retired and ready to roll as Pension and Retirement Concerns Representative, and Bruce Whitmore who has volunteered to lead our Committee for Leisure and Recreation, arguably one of our most significant in providing activities for our social enjoyment and healthy growth. Arn Mathers has stepped forward to fill Clare French's shoes as our lead on the RTO/ERO Charitable Foundation Committee, and Director Dave McClure is returning to active participation as Political Advocacy CommiGee Chair.
Don't be shy! Join up! We may all contribute to having a year to remember!!

Jane E. MacKenzie, President, RTO/ERO District 9