Project 2018: Interviews with our Members

Project 2018: Interviews with our Members

You may remember that we previewed our interviews with members at the 2018 RTO events. The interviews have been completed, edited, and composed onto DVDs for presentation to the interviewees. They are also published on the internet, on Youtube, the internet site for viewing videos and are expected to be available at Huron and Perth County Libraries.

While published publicly, for RTO privacy, they are not able to be found or viewed unless you have the links. The instructions for viewing are listed below. We thank the interviewees for agreeing to appear on our district’s history project to help celebrate RTO’s fiftieth anniversary. The project was conceived by President Jane MacKenzie, implemented by the interviewers and produced by Past-President Doug Bundy. Two people were hired for the project: Josh Cooper, who travelled to each of the subject’s homes do the video-recording and George Zoethout, who was enlisted to create the DVD from the video files.

How to view the interviews: Click on the link in the right column for the interview you wish to see. Each is approximately 15 minutes long.

Make sure your speaker is turned on.


*Note that you shouldn’t be able to find these videos unless you use these links. We’ve planned to make these available to RTO members and friends, not the worldwide public.

Interviewee ------------Interviewer--------------YouTube Link

Gloria Hutchison--------Clare French-------------

Arnold Mathers ---------Jane MacKenzie----------

Margaret Mountain------Clare French-------------

Jim Chapman ----------Dave McClure------------

Ralph Smith -----------Doug Bundy-------------

Closing & Production Credits--------------------