The Latest on Teachers Boxes

The Latest on Teachers Boxes
Our shipment to Nicaragua was delivered to PAN Missions to travel in their container. We sent 6 larger 53 litre
Rubbermaid tubs stuffed with teacher tools, classroom supplies and teaching materials, personal items for the
teachers and som cover books (alphabet, number, animal, science topics).
Our dona'ons for Change Her World are with Linda Willis in StraIord. She and her team tackle the 'me consuming
job of sor'ng and filling the bins to exact weight for transport by air. Our items for them include personal packages
for more senior girls (high school, college and university) to enable them to aVend classes away from home, as well
as teacher tools, classroom materials, large display items for teaching (number lines, 100 charts, alphabet, colour,
basic English vocabulary charts, teaching clocks, science charts) and items for the newly established nursery school
(reading and math readiness materials, items for play, items for hygiene, learning games). We were given a list of
needed items and tried to check off as many as our funds would allow. Items for primary level math learning were
designated as an urgent need so we sent smaller 100's charts, counters, flash cards and math tools like rulers and
smaller clocks. Another request was for items to help organize the teaching materials that teachers may borrow for
use in their classrooms. That was the purpose for my request for reusable cloth and plas'c shopping bags. I added a
number of courier bags too.
Plans are in place for our 2017 project. I’ve already picked up a few bargains of items, like scissors that are always on
the want list. I am s'll looking for dona'ons of those shopping bags and for any bingo chips you can find. Of course
dona'ons of pens, crayons, and pencil crayons are always appreciated too. Just leave them with me at the Fall AGM. I
will have a display of pictures of our shipment items, so check it out at T’ ‘ell With the Bell or the AGM. Thanks to all
members who help with dona'ons, both of items and of cash.
Pat Evers
Teachers Boxes