RTO/ERO District 9 Executive

RTO/ERO District 9 Executive

President:  Gary Jewitt

Past President: Doug Bundy

Vice-President:  Bruce Whitmore

Secretary: Willi Laurie

Treasurer: Marty Bond


Executive Board Members

a) Archives- Donna Hardie
b) Charitable Foundation Report- Arn Mathers
c) Committee for Leisure and Recreation – Doug Bundy
d) Communication –
       i) Newsletter – Marcel St-Arneault
      ii) Webmaster – Larry Cook

e) Constitution – Gary Jewitt
f) Goodwill- Cathy Hugill
g) Health – Annie Dozois
h) Member Services – Dixie Lee Arbuckle
i) Pension & Retirement Concerns – Kim Ryckman
j) Service to Others – Jean Weigand
k) Political Advocacy – David McClure
l) Social – Linda Brunkard