2017 - 18 RTO District 9 President

2017 - 2018 RTO-ERO District 9 President: Doug Bundy

President’s Report

I trust you have been enjoying the nice weather we have been having lately, and for those of you who have gardens and flower displays, I am very envious! Living in an apartment has some drawbacks, and that is one of them!

This spring, four of your District representatives attended the Spring Senate in Toronto. Your Vice-President, Jane MacKenzie and myself as Senators, Willi Laurie and Linda Brunkard as Observers. Jane has a short report on our time there and about some of the events that occurred, in this issue of Clean Slate. The Senate began on Monday, May 28th, and that evening, Johnson Insurance, our RTO provider, sponsored an evening cruise in the Toronto Harbour, aboard the “Northern Spirit”. They provided all the delegates with food and drink and entertained us with music during the approximately 2-hour cruise. 

On Tuesday, we heard from the various individuals who were running for the 9 positions of Director on our new “not-forprofit” organization. That afternoon, we voted in 9 of the 12 candidates. We used a new “electronic“ voting system, where the Senators of each district were given a small “clicker” much like a small calculator, and to vote you pressed a button, which transmitted your vote to a central computer, and within seconds we had the final tally. Martha Foster, Rich Profit and Marion Hicks were elected for a 3-year term, Bill Huzar, Jackie Aird and Louise Guerin were elected for 2 years, and Gayle Manley, Richard Goodbrand and David Kendall for a one-year term. They will begin their Directors’ duties this summer.

The Senate covered several other things, including a Financial report and passed several resolutions to better the work of our provincial organization. It was an interesting and enjoyable few days, and I thank our district for allowing me, as your president, to attend. Our Tuesday evening banquet was a very special affair, and we celebrated our organization’s 50th year by bringing back all our former Presidents (who were still around), and having as our guest speaker the Honorable William Davis, former Premier and Education Minister of Ontario.

Once again, our local district is looking for individuals who could be able to take a position on our Executive, or Board. We are in need of people who might like to accept nominations for the following positions: Vice-President, Pension and Retirement Concerns Representative, and Political Advocacy Representative. Without your help, this district cannot survive. Please give it some consideration!!!

The Theatre Event that we planned for this year to go to Grand Bend and enjoy the “Cruisin’ Classics” show early in July did not sell out, but about 30 retirees and friends who purchased tickets attended that day. Up-coming events in our district that we should be looking forward to, include the “T’ ‘ell with the Bell” Brunch on Tuesday, September 4th, at the Mitchell Golf Club. This year, the district is paying for the first 100 brunches that are pre-registered! This includes retirees, not just new retirees, but also recent (In the past 5 years!), as well as long-time members of RTO! That means, if you pre-register prior to August 20th, your meal is free! Can’t beat that! Come out and meet some of the newest retirees, and get up-to-date with old friends that day. Registration information is on page 6 of this Clean Slate.

Our “Profiles 2018” project is well underway, but unfortunately, due to a technical problem, we had to re-do one of the interviews, which has caused a delay. Once we do some editing and add titles, etc, we hope to have the results in a month or so. We have some excellent interviews with five of our more senior members.
Also, our Fall Annual General Meeting takes place at the Clinton Community Centre on Wed. Oct 3rd. Although this one isn’t free, you will still get a delicious turkey dinner for just $18. Pre-Registration is required for this important meeting, and you will find it on page 13 of this Clean Slate.

Doug Bundy
President of RTO-ERO District 9