2016 - 17 RTO District 9 President

2016 - 17 RTO District 9 President: Dave McClure

A Message From Your New President
Although I was the RTO/ERO president in the last century (the late 90's), I was pleased that you again placed your faith in me. As your "recycled" president following in the steps of Joe Hogan, I'll try to serve you well. Our dedicated executive board works very well together. We are planning events and activities for 2017. We hope to plan a year of interesting activities.

I would like to thank Clare French for his dedicaHon in organizing small local social events last year.  And I hope that Doug Bundy and others will have success in organizing events at our local theatres in Grand Bend and Blyth.

As well it would be nice to have some of us organize visits to historic sites and cultural events. I am thinking of the educational treasure that we have with the CNR School on Wheels in Clinton or any other historic treasures in our villages and towns in Huron and Perth. Our
counties have a rich history and geography that we need to explore and enjoy.

In the past we were sponsors of an educational program on dementia and Alzheimer's illness. We plan to organize or sponsor a session on "rightsizing" or "downsizing" our homes and our possessions. I hope that you will be able to support and participate in such a program.

As we approach the close of another year, we hope that you enjoy a blessed Christmas season and that you will be blessed with a happy and healthy new year.

Dave McClure, President Huron-Perth